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How Green Am I?

trailer2I was at the supermarket the other day, just doing the weekly family shop when I was accused of being green.  The comment wasn’t made in a nasty way, but as a compliment.

At Sainsburys I am able to take my trailer right up to the checkout and fill it directly with shopping, this saves the hastle of loading up outside the shop. So there I was  filling my trailer with the shopping when the checkout lady jumped out from behind the till to take a look ” Oh, you’re so green” she exclaimed.

Well I then had to spend some time explaining that I am not shopping this way to save the planet from CO2 emissions but because I prefer  riding my bicycle to driving a car.  I want to live in a more friendly, human environment where people don’t isolate themselves in their little metal boxes.  I want life to move at a slower pace and be able to experience the weather, see the world around me fresh and at first hand, not through the window of a car.  The checkout lady didn’t quite get it  “And it’s so green” she added.

I am not a member of the green bike tribe,  but it is hard to get this across to  the car tribe, they see cyclists as sporty or green.  I am either getting fit or saving the planet, I surely can’t be riding a bicycle because I like it.  Well I bloody well do like it and I believe that the urban environment would be a lot more pleasant if more people travelled by bicycle.

OK so I recycle my rubbish, insulate my home, use an efficient boiler and watch the food miles but I do not cycle to cut my carbon emissions, I ride because I like it!



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